Where it all began

Our Story - where it all began

In the winter of 2012, two broke and lost youngsters had just quit their day job and found themselves in the middle of a cross road. Soon a friend's birthday was coming up, they thought of making a special gift for her, that's when the inspiration came to start their own line of personalized caricature gifts......

Yepp, that's us. Having a passion for art since we were young, we would spend hours scribbling on the white board with markers. But being an artist wasn't a popular choice of career, especially where we came from so we decided to opt for something closer to our dreams.

After spending years working in graphic and printing industry, the long hours and mundane tasks started to worn us out, passion had gone cold and just got locked up in the side of the corner. The turning point came in 2012, when we make a bold move that changed our career and lives completely.

As we do not have much fund for start up, we registered our first online store with Etsy, and started with a facebook page to share our products.

Why Caricature Story?

In the process of creating our 1st caricature, we realized that custom gifts is something close to the heart, we have to find out the story about the person in order to design a gift that is truly unique and able to relate to the recipient in a meaningful way.

Early Works

These are some our early works, as you can see it was still kind of raw compared to our more recent works. Nevertheless, we are grateful to our customers for willing to take the step of faith, giving us that opportunity to improve and grow. 

It is a great blessing working with some really amazing customers, people who sparks the creative genes in us. We still count our blessings everyday. We hope you'll join us in our caricature journey one day and inspire our next master piece.

- H.J.Chen & Lee

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