Horsey Babies - children's caricature

Apart from Western Countries, part of our orders came from South East Asia countries. In this case, it's a children birthday caricature from Singapore. These are 5 adorable babies all born in the year of horse according to the Chinese Zodiac. They are cousins, and the mom decided to have this awesome piece made specially to celebrate their 1st birthday.

The 5 babies joyfully riding the carousel which typifies the year of Horse. It's a challenge drawing children's caricature as they grow up so fast, different photos from few months apart could show changes in facial features. It took us few amendments to get it right but it is a good learning process and the faces of these angels always bring smiles to our faces.

Children caricatures are great for party invitations or digital prints on mugs and t-shirts. A great way to capture their little faces while they are growing up, as we wish they could stay in that moment forever sometimes.

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