Mother and Daughter Forest Theme Custom Portrait

Some interesting and wonderful work from our recent projects, we received the following request about a month ago….

“I want to send to made another caricature from my mom and me, she is from Colombia - South America and she came to visit me (she does every 2 years, for that I want to give her something special), still I am thinking about the background or scene I really don't know what, my idea is send the information to you later today.” 

“Hi, I am sending my mom and me photos, we just took them 2 days ago. Please let me know if you need any close up, or more expression. 

My mom and me love flowers and green areas, that is our passion, we were looking some backgrounds that we like (I am attaching them you please choose, they are ideas that we would like)  We would like to be jumping really happy with a sign of the heart (I attaching the example). 
I was thinking about: 
like a park with a nice blue sky little clouds, bright (like with son) in that way we can see the heart and words clear; of course with a lot flowers and trees and grass all around us. 
The background that I sent, but I am not sure if will be easy to read the letters on the heart. 
We would like inside of the heart this sentence: 
"Juntas o Separadas, Siempre Estamos Unidas de Corazón" (Spanish). 
Please let me know if you have questions. 
Thank you. “ 

It took us some time working on the details, after a few rounds of amendments we finally get everything right. The customer wrote us a beautiful reply which brightens up our day, of course.

”Dear Artist, 
I am so happy with this caricature, it is AMAZING!!!!
I really love all, very colorful, very detailed, very SUPER SPECIAL. 
Thank you so much!!! 
I was impress with the butterfly that is above of the words, because it has Colombia's flag colors (Yellow, Blue and Red) I can not believe it is there, I don't know if you did on purpose or no but I saw that and I felt in love with it. 
I can not wait to write the feedback. 
I received the e-mail with them too. 
Millions of thank you for this great job, ah!!! please feel free (of course if you want or need) to add this caricature on your site, it is beautiful.“

Awesome caricature with creative and unique twist, the ultimate heart warming personalized gifts for any occasions, your satisfaction is our priority. 

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