Retirement Gift for Coworker - Custom Caricature Art 1

The CORPORATE THEME CARICATURE is perfect for co-workers birthday present, office party, farewell / retirement gifts or part of the corporate identity / branding. The digital drawing can then be printed on business cards, mugs, t-shirts or use can social media icons / profile photos. Remember to reward the best staff in your company ! or order the in bulk as token of appreciation to your co-workers. 

The brief given by customer, :”Good morning! We are looking to make a pic of a fave surgeon who is leaving us.....would like to include VERY random things in puc that represent crazy stories he has told us (him in gym shorts & chaps, banana tree, cats, zydecco & disco, a deer with bugged out eyes, etc.....) Problem is.....i need soon (party is 1st week of november) and since its a secret i will be pulling pic off his bio on hospital website. Is this possible? Thanks

MORE DETAILS: Surgeon wearing ratty long workout shorts and vneck tshirt with BXXXX GXXXX MD inscribed on shirt riding a bicycle about to run over crazy deer.
Purple subaru with GXXXXX on license plate in hospital parking lot.....lady in black catsuit leaning against car with a large movie buttery popcorn grinning like he cant have any.
Old truck riding off into sunset with female in 2nd pic looking out window or hanging out.....truck needs to have 'it's time to get in the truck' on it somehow.
Incorporate (somehow....if possible):
1. A bag or box or something of "helens world famous FU brownies"
2. Lyrics swirling around from Outkast Hey Ya! (Just the chorus.....he always has to clap to it) he-ey ya oh oh hey yaaa -clap clap clap clap- shake it like a polaroid picture oh oh shake it shake it shake it
3. A banana tree with bananas ..... He has a weird obsession with bananas
4. A pissed off cat”

After the drafts, few rounds of previews and adjustments. We present to you the final product (see below). We received a 5 star review with the comment:”Omgness.....i love it. Had super tough directions and requests and they NAILED it! Quick turn around and fantastic customer service......will order again!!”

Awesome caricature with creative and unique twist, the ultimate heart warming personalized gifts for any occasions, your satisfaction is our priority. 

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