Epic Family Adventure

Throughout the years, there are often some key pieces we created. They are the one of a kind portraits and really special to us because of the stories behind the artwork.

The request we got from customer: "Could I get a listing for one person driving a military tank (Tiger 2), dressed in a German military uniform, while pulling along (sort of flailing in the air) his wife to be, who will be dressed as Harley Quinn (with a veil) . Somehow I need to incorporate their two children, we were thinking the kids being in X wing fighters (Star Wars) shooting at them. All of this with a background of some sort and a banner across the top stating "Creating epic adventures since May 17th, 2014! Thanks so much for helping me make this happen!" 

The bride to be ordered this caricature for her husband and family, on of the son was suffering from terminal illness so this portrait means a lot to the family. After a few rounds of drafts and amendments, this is the final artwork. I realized the theme was great as Halloween Gifts as well.

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