LOVE without boundaries

Throughout the years of our career, we received some great orders which the stories are not only touching but truly inspires.  It shows how people would go the extra miles for love. Some break through the barrier of space, some conquer the long distance, some break away from all stereotypes, just to go for love. These brave souls is just the living examples of love without boundaries. 

Do we stir up controversies by accepting some of the orders? Let's say simple things can turn to complicated issues if you want them to be. Controversy can even happen on things we deemed normal and common in our lives. We have great passion in what we do and we love our customers, that will always be our main focus. Our works are always colorful, vibrant, lively in diverse ways.

Everybody has a story to tell, our aim is to transform the story into a piece of artwork that uniquely represent each individuals. The real challenge is not controversy or criticisms, but rather keeping our hearts pure and stay true to what we do, from beginning til the end.

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