Movie theme Save the Date

One of the best movie theme caricature we have done so far, for a very special save the date. The couple is from UK and they contacted us with a very detail and specific request:

Can I just start with saying how fantastic your drawings are and my Fiancé and I are very excited for you to be creating our ‘Save the Date’! 
I have just purchased this listing. As my Fiancé’s surname is Cxxxxx and he is referenced to it a lot, we are going with a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang theme.
We would like to recreate the poster that was used for the Blu-ray release, with ourselves in the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car flying over our riverside wedding venue. Layout the same with the car, sky background and title, changed to say SAVE THE DATE on the first line and 12.12.2019 on the second. If possible, in the same style and font. The starring names at the top of the poster, could we have Cxxxxxxxx on the left and Jxxxxxxxx on the right. The only detail we would like changed on the car is the number plate to say DEC 12. As for our caricatures, if we could be drawn with Cxxxxx on the left driving, me on the right, together, happy and waving out of the car. And if my wedding finger could emphasis a bit of bling for my engagement ring. Cxxxxx to be wearing a long sleeved white shirt, sleeves slightly rolled up, top button open with a dark grey waistcoat buttoned up. No tie. For myself, a dark purple dress, known to us as Cadbury Purple, with a couple of straps (these are our wedding colours, without being in our wedding attire). Cxxxxx’s hair now reflects the shorter version and if mine could be similar to the engagement ring photo.
For the bottom part of the poster, we would like to change it to the view of our venue, The Holt Fleet, and river. One of our photos represents this well, with the venue on the right hand side and the river still across the bottom. Basically us flying over this scene! If the river could be bright like in the Chitty poster, just without anything on it. Surrounded by the trees and bright sky and if The Holt Fleet could be a little more pronounced, that would be great. We don’t want to include any classification symbols at the bottom.
Phew! A lot of information but looking forward to seeing the outcome. Will send the other four photos."

We received few of their photos with the movie poster as reference (We did not show the movie poster for copyright reason, but you can find it on the internet and see the similarity of the concept.)

I love working on the wedding venue and it turns out pretty amazing, took us quite sometime to produce the artwork as there are so much details that we have to draw each objects separately and assemble later. After quite a few round of amendments to get the details right, we have a happy customer and a beautiful artwork.

They left us a wonderful review too:

"AMAZING! My Fiancé and I had our Save The Date artwork created and we are thrilled with the design. Our guests thought it was awesome, unique and a true likeness.

I cannot recommend this professional team enough - great communication, quick turnaround time and no amendment too many or too small. Thank you so much!"

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