Gifts for Long Distance Couple

In Nov 2014, we received an ordered and this is the request by customer:

I want a portrait of two people and a dog. My idea is to have it actually be 2 separate portraits that can be put side by side and become one picture. one side would be of a Navy Sailor the other an Accountant (i would obviously give you more details should you be willing to do this) also somewhere in there preferably in the middle, thus the part that would connect the two pictures, their dog. I would like different backgrounds on each picture somehow blended (that would be up to you and however it would be easiest for you) Is that something you would consider doing? 

The husband is a navy stationed in Japan while the wife stays in US, they see each other every 3 months so the brother wanted to give them a very special gift on Christmas. We came out with the idea that the caricature can be printed as 2 separate pieces of art but joined together as one.

We received the review after the completion of the order:

"This was a great gift for my sister and her husband! They're one of those couples that are hard to shop for but they absolutely loved it and were surprised at how much detail went into the work. Thanks H.J and Lee" 

Awesome caricature with creative and unique twist, the ultimate heart warming personalized gifts for any occasions, your satisfaction is our priority.

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