Vacation Theme Family Portrait

Family Portrait can be unique and very specific. We received this order back in March, 2015. This was s the request given: 

"My mom and dad are turning 60. I'd love a family drawing. I'd like us on the beach.
Dad: jumping into the ocean about to belly flop. My dad has a goofy and funny personality. He's always the life of the party and always laughing. 
Mom: sunbathing on the beach with a drink in her hand
D: jet skiing in the ocean (34 year old son in law)
L: snorkeling (daughter 33 yrs old)
T: sitting next to grandma about to eat sand (grand daughter, 10 month old baby)
W: parasailing in the sky (his son 31 yrs old)"

What makes our family caricature special is that, we only need the clear head shots of each individual members for references with some information, leave the rest to us and we will come out with layout and poses that meets your requirement.

The review we received for this order:

"We love our caricature drawing! I had them draw my entire family (7 of us) on a beach doing various activities and they took maybe a week or so to create it. Then, when the final product was done I wanted them to do some minor changes and they were so quick! They quickly changed a few things I wanted within a day! THANKS so much! We are so happy with our drawing!"

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