Save the Date - South Louisiana Bayou theme

We did a lot of save the dates caricature. This was the first that involves bayou and alligator, makes it that little more special.

The request we got from customer: "Can you make a bayou themed save the date. We live and getting married in South Louisiana. Also does the save the date include the information on file. Can you get these printed as magnets?" (we replied that only provide digital copies) "2 people ... me in a cocktail dress kelly green color and groom in light blue dress shirt with navy pants walnut brown shoes. Me posing showing off ring. I was thinking standing on a dock and in the background cypress tress and in the bayou water an alligator and pelican. Something to this affect. You make have better ideas."

We tweaked the brief a little, we though it would be really cool for the couple to sit on the alligator instead. And the rest of the ideas just sort of came together. The verdict: "Omg. I love it. You are so talented. It is perfect. Great details and colors."

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